Scheduling vs Block Planning– Which Works Best For You?

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Scheduling vs Block Planning– Which Works Best For You?

Do you have a specific schedule OR do you do block planning? Which actually works best? I am forever on a quest for the “perfect planner”!! Are you?

Part of this journey is determining what type of “planner” you are.

Recently as I was looking at my calendar/planner, it struck me that there are 2 distinctive ways of scheduling/planning –

Specific Scheduling and Blocking Planning (there are probably more)

Scheduling is when there are actually times associated with an activity –

  • 6:00 – 6:30: get up and exercise
  • 6:30 – 7:00: Shower and get dressed
  • 7:00 – 7:30: Get kids up, make breakfast and lunches
  • 7:30 – 8:00 – Breakfast and get kids out the door to school

Block Planning is when a list of things are done within a time frame –

6:00 – 8:00: Get up, exercise, shower, get dressed, get kids up, make breakfast and lunches, feed everyone and get them out the door by 8


6:00 – 8:00: Morning Routine (because it’s the same each day)

So which do you do?

I find myself more of a block planner but there are certain things that are just scheduled out of necessity (i.e. dr appts, school conferences, etc).

A broad look at my week looks kind of like this —

Morning Routine – 6-9ish

  • Get up and get a cup of coffee
  • Do bible study
  • Shower and get dressed
  • Breakfast

Note:  On Wednesday and Thursday I’m out the door early (by 8 am) to go to my bible study training and class.

Mid-Day: 9-4

-Bible Study Prep
-Main area of house (kitchen/ dining/living)
-Bible Study Prep
-1/2 bath & Master Suite
-8-12: Bible Study Training
-Laundry (colors & whites)
-8-12: Bible Study Class
-Laundry (bedding & towels)
-Laundry (table linens)
-Blogging/ business
-Sewing/ crafting
-Blogging/ business
-Projects (household/ crafting/ sewing, etc)
-Family Dinner

Late Afternoon & Evening: After 4

4-5: hubby has bible study (me – I watch girl movies and knit or crochet and prep dinner)
-dinner prep
-dinner prep

-dinner prep-dinner prep

-dinner prep  -dinner prep-dinner prep

Insights to my schedule:
-My FIL lives with us and my parents live next door. Much of my day is spent responding to requests when they need me or something needs to be done for them. Those are hard to schedule but just take place when needed.
-My husband and I do try to take a walk about 3-4 times a week. In addition to needing the exercise and getting fresh air, this allows us about 30-40 minutes of time to just talk.
-About 4 each day, I shift gears and begin dinner prep. My hubby and I, FIL, my folks and my sister (who also lives on the property) eat together about 4-5 evenings a week. That means that I cook for 6 people those nights and 3 the others.
-Other than a few scheduled activities that happen each week, my schedule is relatively fluid to accommodate the needs of the parents that we care for. There are always Dr appts, etc. that need to be added as necessary.
-Sunday is definitely a “down day” for me. I usually spend the afternoon visiting with company we may be having, reading, watching movies while I knit/crochet. It’s a day for my mind to regroup and refresh. During the summer, this is our family “beach day” (yes we live at a lake so this happens frequently).

You may have noticed that block planning can be sorta vague … and yet specific. Let me explain.

There are several things on my general schedule that are very vague in their explanation — blogging for one. Each week (usually Friday afternoons) I make a more detailed plan for the following week. I’ll set my weekly goals in each of my vague areas — blogging, sewing/crafting, etc. Then as I finish those tasks, I check them off my list.

If for some reason I don’t get something done during the week, it can just be moved to the next week. This allows me to have specifics BUT also the flexibility to do things when I’m “in the mood”.

Example, I have Wednesdays set aside for some sewing or crafting. Sometimes I am inspired over the weekend and want to sew or craft first thing on Monday. My Bible Study Prep needs to be done that day or if I have a deadline in one of the other areas but usually I can juggle things around a little.

The reality is that if I made myself not sew or craft when I’m inspired, I probably wouldn’t be very productive in those other areas anyway and that would make me feel completely unaccomplished and frustrated.

There is no right or wrong way to schedule your time or your day!
Your circumstance and your personality determines how you plan.

If you work outside the home (or even at home), how you schedule will be different than someone else because your obligations are different than someone else. There may be portions of your day that need to be scheduled and portions that are a little more flexible.

Once you figure out which kind of planner you are, it may be easier to plan your day/week/month.

So what kind of planner are you? Schedule or Block? Comment and let me know!



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