Homemaking Simplified — Top 3 Skills You Need To Know

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Homemaking Simplified — Top 3 Skills You Need To Know

There is a theory in my family that if you are trying to remember less than 3 things, you can do it on your fingers … more than that and you need to write a list. This applies to grocery lists, to do lists, or even a trip to the pantry.  Not sure if there is any scientific proof to this theory BUT we’ve tested it and it rings true, for us anyway.

If there is any truth to this theory then many things can be narrowed down to 3 things … including homemaking.

Now before you bombard me with comments saying “no way you are so wrong”, let’s delve into this a bit.  You may still disagree with me but that’s okay because we can still be friends.  LOL

Homemaking can seem overwhelming and some days we all feel as though was haven’t accomplished all that we have wanted to or even very much of what we have wanted to.  I’m not referring to those ”to do” lists and routines that we have each day.

This list of 3 takes homemaking to the “basic skills” that you need to know.  Within those skills, there may be many “tasks” that are part of it BUT they fall under these basic skills.

Ready to hear them?

{drum roll please}

  1. Cleaning
  2. Cooking
  3. Laundry

Oh Heidi!  It’s just not that simple! (go ahead say it out loud, if you want to)

Yes it is! … and, of course, it’s not!

Again, it’s skills vs tasks.


According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of clean or cleaning is to “rid of dirt or impurities”.  Seems simple enough!

Have a routine

A routine is doing the same tasks in a particular order.  After doing this for awhile, this routine becomes a habit and you hardly need to think about it anymore.

Need some help?  I’ve written a couple of posts on the subject.

Make the Perfect Routine

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Work from the top down

Start by looking up – ceiling or upper cabinets (perhaps even the area on top of your cabinets, if you have that space).  By using this method, you are using gravity to clean.  As you’re wiping the cabinets, items fall on the counters; from here to the floor where they are then swept up.  If you wait and do the floors last, you are finishing the room by getting anything that is left. 

If you do floors prior to dusting or wiping things off, things may fall on the floor and then you will have to do it again.  It’s all a gravity thing so use that in your favor.

It’s not about perfection

People actually live in your home so even if you have just finished cleaning, someone will walk through and it won’t be clean anymore. 

This is just a fact of life! 

The solution to this dilemma is to let go of this idea of “perfection” and enjoy your home (and the people in it).

The phrase that I like to remind myself of is “company ready”.  Company ready isn’t perfection but it’s a state which if someone knocks on your door or texts from the end of the driveway, you aren’t totally freaking out.  You open your door with a smile and no apologies (or at least very few).  On a good day, you may even have cookie to go with a cup of coffee or tea!


You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to provide homemade and healthy meals for your family.  If you don’t know how to cook, learn some basics and get good at several meals.  This way, you can always pull those meals out of your “back pocket”.

Meal plan

Planning your meals ahead of time, not only keeps the days running a little smoother (because you don’t have to stress about what’s for dinner) but it also is good for the budget.

Stock your pantry

What do you do when you can’t get to the store?  Or funds are a little low this week (or month)? Or perhaps you or someone in your house is sick so you just need to be home?

A pantry that has ingredients to make several of your “go to” meals is a life saver!!!  It takes the stress out of these situations because you can just go your pantry.


Keeping up on laundry is an ongoing task!  It’s one of those chores that as soon as you are “caught up” someone changes their clothes so the “laundry starter” has begun.

Do at least one load of laundry a day

This may not work for all families but it works for us, right now.  I try to put my load in first thing after showers so that I can be sure to have it completed by afternoon sometime.  Yes I usually always have dirty laundry in the hamper but it’s not a mountain at any given time.

Have a laundry schedule

Mine looks like this-

Wednesday – Colors/Whites

Thursday – Bedding

Friday – Towels and table linens

When my kids were home, they were each assigned a day to do their laundry.  I was able to fit my and my husband’s things and common family laundry in throughout the week in between their days.

I know that there are so many other “tasks” that is involved in homemaking.  But the reality is that even if you stick to these basics, you are blessing your family.

Anything that you do, blesses your family!

Say it to out loud to yourself – “Anything that I do, blesses my family!”

It’s true, sweet friend!



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