What I’m Reading – “The Light-Keeper’s Daughters”

The Light-Keeper’s Daughters” by Jean E. Pendziwol


I’ve never done a book review before and I’m still not certain that this is what this is.  It’s more like a “book report”.  You remember those, don’t you?  I just read this book and wanted to pass on my opinion to you.  In a couple of words — loved it!


The main characters are Elizabeth, an elderly woman who lives in an assisted living home, and Morgan, a teenage girl who is fulfilling her community service hours after getting into some trouble.  They are an unlikely pair to form any kind of relationship but they do.  Elizabeth comes across her father’s journals from when he was a light-house keeper on Lake Superior but is unable to read them because she’s blind.  Morgan begins reading them to her.  As they read them, they discover that there were lots of secrets kept in the light-house.  They also find out that their families are connected in a very disjointed sort of way.

The twists and turns in this are exciting to read.  Just when I thought I had it all figured out, another secret was revealed that sent the story in a completely different direction.  The last chapter I had to read twice in order to make sure that I understood the ending correctly.


Here’s what I didn’t like about it.  Through out the book, Morgan has a tendency to use some bad language.  The “F word” is dropped regularly.  I skimmed over it and try to read without using it.  As usual, it’s a word that the author could have left out and the story wouldn’t have changed in the least.  Besides that, I really enjoyed the story.


If you’re looking for a quick read that will keep you engaged, this might be for you!  I certainly enjoyed it!


Happy reading!!!



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