5 Kitchen Appliances To Help You Live Old Fashioned

Do you think that living old fashioned is too difficult or time time consuming?  Here are 5 modern appliances that will help you do it easier and faster.

When you think of “old fashioned”, what do you think of?  Your grandmother?  Little House on the Prairie?  Pride and Prejudice? The Andy Griffith Show?  All of those answers are legitimate because they have several things in common.

First of all, life seemed a little simpler.  Kids didn’t have electronics so they played outside … all day sometimes.  Families ate dinner together.  Extended family lived closer together and saw each other often.

Second, cooking was usually done at home.  Going to a restaurant was a special occasion (if it happened at all).  Food wasn’t packaged or premade … bread came from the oven not a plastic bag.  There were no mixes so baked goods were made from scratch.

Third, there weren’t the distractions that there seem to be now.  Television was minimal (if at all) with only a couple of channels not 30 (and still nothing to watch).  There weren’t sports teams for kids to be on except for perhaps a local neighborhood game.  There weren’t dance classes, exercise classes (or gyms for that matter), meetings to go to, concerts, sporting events, etc … you get the picture.


Life just seemed simpler and slower!


How do we find some of those “old fashioned” moments in this busy world that we live in?  The wonderful thing about our modern world is the technological advances.  Yes those things can also be a distraction BUT there are many things that have been invented to make our lives easier and also help us to simplify our lives (sounds almost contradictory doesn’t it?)  Let me explain.

Our grandmothers made butter with a butter churn which took hours.  We get to use a food processor and it takes 10 minutes.  To make butter in your food processor, read these simple instructions.  What this means is that you can experience and enjoy homemade butter (old fashioned) using a food processor (modern world).

Isn’t this our ultimate goal?  To be able to provide those simple pleasures, those homemade meals using real ingredients to our families using the modern conveniences that we have. It certainly is mine … at least part of the goal.

I’ve made a list of items that are “modern” but can help you fulfill the “old fashioned” in you.

Food Processor – This is a “must have” as far as I’m concerned.  I never thought I needed one of these until I got one.  Now I’m not sure how I ever lived without it!

Chopping – duh!  This will chop just about anything — onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, etc.

Mixing – I make humus in my food processor … just put everything in and turn on.  Same with salsa (chopping by hand makes it a little chunkier so it just depends on your preference).  Also mixes dry ingredients together really well.

Shredding – cheese, zucchini, etc.  When my kids were younger and all living at home, I bought cheese in huge 10 lbs bricks.  I then shredded most of it and put it into quart freezer bags.  Whenever I needed shredded cheese for recipes, all I had to do was take a bag out of the freezer.  If you prefer to shred things by hand, this is a great little shredder to use!

Making Butter – SO simple!!!  See this simple recipe using only 2 ingredients.

Mixer – Stand alone or hand mixer, it doesn’t much matter.  Things used to be mixed by hand but this wonderful little invention makes homemade baked goods SO MUCH easier.  My mixer has a bread hook so I can actually mix bread with it (if I wanted to).  Cookies, cakes, muffins, etc. can be done in a jiffy!
Bread Maker – When I worked full-time, I used one of these regularly.  I would put all of the ingredients in and set the timer before I went to work and come home to fresh, warm bread.  Yummy!!  Now that I’m home, I do it by hand (it’s therapeutic for me).  Either way, there isn’t much better than homemade bread.
Crock Pot – Oh how I love my crock pot!!  Whether you work outside your home or not, your crock pot is your friend.  There are days when your schedule just isn’t conducive to spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen.  What better way to ensure that your family gets a warm, home cooked meal.  From a roast to chicken, soup/stew to cake … it can all be done in the crock pot.  If you don’t have one, get one!!!
Food Dehydrator – Fruit, vegetables, herbs, jerky — they can all be done in a dehydrator.  My grandmother used to turn the oven to its lowest setting (about 200 degrees) and dry fruit.  It took hours and monopolized the oven for that time.  With a dehydrator, you turn it on and forget about it for awhile (it still takes hours) AND you can still have use of your oven.   My son-in-law makes jerky and it’s a family favorite.  Dry herbs from your garden and use them all year.   This is a fun thing to have and use.

Now there is a new item on the market and it was the biggest selling product this last Christmas.  Can you guess what it is?  The Insta-Pot.  I have to admit, I don’t have one so don’t completely understand all the hype.  If you have one, I’d love to hear how you use it and what you’ve made with it…your successes and your failures (we can all learn from failures too).


As you can see, there are many “tools of the trade” to assist and encourage as you endeavour to simply your life and live it just a little (or a lot) old fashioned.  So take the plunge and have some fun!




Note:  This post contains affiliate links.  What that means is that if you purchase any of these items using this link, I get a small commission at no additional expense to you.  Thank you!

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