6 Ways To Redecorate With Each Season

Decorating your home is one of the many ways to really express yourself.  The colors and textures, the items that you display are all things that are uniquely you!  What if you could redecorate with each new season?  Here are 6 things that will help you do just that very thing!!!

I read a book many years ago that mentioned that women used to redecorate with each new season.  My first thought was one of complete astonishment.  Raise your hand if your husband would “flip his lid” if you redecorated that often!  After reading that entire chapter of the book, it make sense. The definition of “redecorating” was a very lose definition.  What they really did was change out certain aspects of their decor each season.

Here is what they really did (at least what I remember from the book) –

  1. Change the drapes/curtains – summer vs winter drapes (who knew)
  2. Eliminate or change throw carpets – designs and/or material of throw carpets OR throw carpets vs no throw carpets (cold winter floors vs cooler summer floors)
  3. Change throw pillows – an easy way to freshen up a room or sitting area
  4. Pull out seasonal table linens – could have been a fabric thing but I’m thinking just an easy thing to change and freshen up.  This also lets you change the colors with the seasons.
  5. Change dishes – hard to believe that anyone had more than one set of dishes.  I, personally, have my everyday set and a Christmas set (yes to be used only 1 or 2 meals a year – go figure).
  6. Rotate display or decor items – freshen up any room or view of a room by changing out the pictures/artwork, knick knacks, etc.

So WHY did they do this?  The biggest reason was so that their homes were deep cleaned every 3-4 months.

Think about those things that you only do once or twice a year. Maybe it’s clean your carpets, hardwoods, drapes or curtains.  Perhaps it’s cleaning out the linen closets or dusting those high shelves that no one really sees anyway.

My mom has a TON (and I mean a ton) of knick knacks in her home.  The highest of these shelves were cleaned once a year when she took everything down to put up Christmas decorations.  Now that she’s older and doesn’t decorate like she used to, she has realized 2 things – 1. she doesn’t get to those shelves regularly; and 2. perhaps she just needs to get rid of some of those things so that it minimizes the dust in her home (my dad has allergies so dust is an issue).

I also thought of a couple other reasons to change out these things with the seasons –

Cutting back on your decorating expenses – recycling items you already have and love, keeps you from buying new items to freshen up a room or just make you smile.

As an example, I collect angels.  At one time, I just displayed all of my angels all of the time.  After reading the before-mentioned book, I separated my angels into obvious seasons (i.e. gardening angels, Christmas angels, etc) and then just divided the others as I wanted to.  Every time I switch them out with the season, it’s like having new things.  Having said that, this doesn’t mean that I don’t fall in love with an angel and add a new one every once in awhile; BUT it certainly doesn’t happen as often anymore.

This thinking also applies to throw pillows and carpets and table linens.  Each time you bring them out, these items can take on the fulfillment of being “new” and you get to enjoy them all over again.

Lifting your spirits – To look around a room and see it clean and refreshed will bring joy to your heart.  I get bored looking at the same things all of the time.  To change a few minor details to a room or home, will change the scenery so perhaps lift the doldrums of boredom.