Get Your Home, Garden and YOU ready for winter

Hard to believe that it’s already October and winter is right around the corner!!  Get your home, your garden and YOU ready for winter.  Also bring in the new season with some fun activities!


Each season brings it’s own delight and wonder!  Traditions, sights and smells that belong to that time of year.  Seasonal change also brings with it a few chores that need to get done.  Autumn is no exception!  It’s a time when gardens are put to rest and thoughts move to indoor projects and activities.

Recently I began thinking about this particular seasonal transition and made a list of all the things that I usually do or wanted to do (or might do) over the next couple of months.  Most things fell into 3 categories –

  1. In the garden and yard
  2. In the house
  3. Personal

Let’s tackle these one at a time!!

In the garden and yard

  1.  Pull garden plants — a lot of things are done producing for the season so just pull them.  If you compost, this is a great place to put worn out plants.
  2. Add nutrients and/or mulch to your soil — I like to add manure and mulch in the fall so that it can settle and decompose all winter long (I usually do this every other year).
  3. Cut back perennials — mulch if necessary
  4. Pull any potted plants or flowers and store pots for the winter
  5. Put hoses away (be sure to drain first)
  6. Gather up yard & garden tools and store for the winter
  7. Store yard furniture away

In the house

  1. Wash curtains or drapes (at least air them out)
  2. Wash windows and screens — I really don’t like this job but it must be done.  Our home has many windows and when the sun moves south and shines in the windows differently, I can certainly tell that they need a washing.
  3. Clean behind and under furniture — this area is sometimes neglected so go find those dust bunnies.
  4. Get winter blankets and bedding ready — this includes those wonderfully comfortable flannel sheets.
  5. Store summer decor and bring out fall decor — I love the natural colors of fall!  My whole decor uses these neutral colors so fall is the time when I feel as though my house is truly itself.


  1. Put away summer clothes and get out those sweaters — this is a great time to sort through your clothes to give (or throw) away.  Make a list of any specific items that you need.  This will prevent you from getting to the store and buying things you don’t need (and not coming come with what you actually do need)
  2. Consider a new hairstyle or color for fall — yes, I cheat and color my hair.  I’m naturally quite gray and I get tired of people thinking that I’m older than my husband.  This time of year, I tend to go a little darker than I do in the summertime.
  3. Think of some projects that you would like to accomplish over the winter — think outside the box on this one.  Of course, it can actually be a “project” like cleaning out closets or painting a room.  This can also be time to do something you’ve always wanted to do like take a class, join a book club, or learn to play an instrument.

I’m sure that this list will grow as we get into these projects but this is at least a starting point.

Another thing that I really like to do when the seasons change, is come up with a list of things to do during that particular season.

Here is a list of things that I came up with when I thought about fall/autumn —

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch — great memories here and you can pick your own pumpkin.  You can usually find the fall harvest ready for the buying, as well.  Things like butternut squash, acorn squash, apple cider, honey, jams/jellies, apples, etc.
  2. Find a corn maze — if you haven’t done this, it’s a blast!  My grown kids quite often still get a group of friends and go at night (which apparently adds to the fun).
  3. Go for a drive to view all of the fall colors — some areas even advertise driving or train tours.
  4. Bundle up and go for a walk — let your nose get a little cold and enjoy the fresh air.
  5. Stock up on warm drinks — cocoa, hot cider, tea (whatever is your drink of choice). This goes hand in hand with the walk!

Think of the change of seasons as a time to shift gears a little.  Enjoy it and have a lot of fun!!







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  1. Thank you for this really useful list Heidi! I am going to try some of your ideas, they will bring a touch of autumn into my home.

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