Make Your Own Apricot Jam

Homemade Apricot Jam!!  Quick, easy and SO delicious!

It”s been a busy summer here and I hope that you have been enjoying yours and making lots of memories with your families.

Around here, it’s time to shift from growing things to preserving/canning things.

My apricot tree was LOADED this year!!  I’m always amazed by what I get from this tree because it was labeled “ornamental” when my husband bought it and planted it 23 years ago.  To me, “ornamental” meant that it was for show and wouldn’t actually grow apricots.  Well, surprise, surprise!!!

About 12-15 years ago, we began actually getting fruit.  At first it was just a few (enough to snack on).  When I finally had enough to make a single batch of jam, I was thrilled.  Now, I usually get enough for several batches of jam.  This year I made jam and dehydrated some, as well.

Jam is so easy to make and a lot of fun too.  I love the fact that I’m using fresh fruit and can control the amount of sugar that I put in it.

You only need 3 ingredients —

  1. Fruit (about 5 cups cut up fruit)
  2. Pectin (6 Tablespoons)
  3. Sugar (whatever your heart desires – I usually use about 2 cups with this amount of fruit)

First, pit your apricots and cut them up.

Second, put in a sauce pan along with the sugar and pectin.

Bring to a nice rolling boil and keep it there for a few minutes.  Then ladle into warm jars, put on a lid and ring and tighten.

This is when most people give their jam a “hot bath” to seal but I have an easier way.

Spread a towel out on your counter.  Put the jars upside down on the towel so that they are inverted.  Let them sit there for 30 minutes or so (this is not rocket science so don’t stress about this time frame) and then turn them over.  The now heated lids will seal as they cool.

So easy!!!  Here is the end result — orange, sweet, goodness!!!

I decided dehydrated some too.

  1. Pit the apricots and leave in halves.
  2. Lay on the dehydrator trays and plug in your dehydrator. (I put my dehydrator on my deck so that I don’t heat up the house)

That’s it!

Mine took about 24 hours to complete since the halves are thicker than sliced fruit.  They may have been finished a little sooner but 24 hours was the next morning (and I don’t get up in the middle of the night for much and certainly not dehydrated fruit — it can wait).

I didn’t add anything to these — no sugar at all — and they are wonderful.

Until next time!





2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Apricot Jam

  1. What an amazing tip with inverting the jars! The jam looks wonderful, must give this a try.

    1. I discovered this tip a few years ago and it has revolutionized my jam making. Always hated having to pull out all of my canning equipment for a few pints of jam. This is MUCH easier and faster!!!

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