Make The Most Of Your Summer With Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Schooooool’s …. Out … For … Summer!!!  Okay I probably just aged myself with that attempt at “blog singing”.

Are you ready to have the kids home for the summer?  Do you have a plan or are you just going to “wing it” and see what happens?


School’s out (or almost out).  What are your plans?

Do you spend a ton of time trying to plan things for your kids to do to keep them entertained for the summer?  Or do you just hope that they will keep themselves busy?

Do you plan activities only to have them spend 10 minutes before they lose interest and it takes you much longer than that to set up and cleanup up that activity?

Do you just want everyone to have fun and make memories this summer?  Including you!!!

There’s help to be had!

To help you plan and enjoy your time with your kids, I’ve come up with a Summer Bucket List form and also Planning The Summer With Your Kids , which is a list of activities to give you ideas (this document contains both affiliate links and links to other websites).

The list is broken down into categories —

  1. Yard games
  2. Outside Water Activities
  3. Gardening Type Activities
  4. Outdoor Crafts
  5. Outdoor Activities
  6. In The Kitchen
  7. Indoor Activities
  8. Indoor Crafts
  9. Field Trips
  10. Other Sources for Ideas

There are ideas for all interests, ages and skill levels.  I, personally, don’t think that you need to plan every minute of every day BUT to have a list of available options could make the summer go more smoothly.

I’ve also included some ideas for screen time, chores, keeping a routine and even time for yourself.

So check out the Planning The Summer With Your Kids and Summer Bucket List to get your planning started!

Enjoy your summer!!!