5 Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is here!!  With spring comes newness, freshness, lots of new growth (leaves, grass, flowers).  That usually leads me to want to freshen up a few things in my decorating.  I want that freshness all around me!

  1. I start with fresh flowers!   Actually I start bring home fresh flowers in late February or early March.  This is when I’m tired of snow, gray and cold.  Fresh flowers brighten my mood and my home.  I recently discovered that one of my local stores has a “50% off” stand in the floral section.  I was so excited!!!  These are the flowers that didn’t sell in a timely manner so they mark them down to get rid of them.  You have to be selective but I guess I figure that I can buy twice as many so if I need to toss a few that are heading downhill, so be it.

2. Change out throw pillows!   I got this idea a couple of years ago.   End of season sales are a great place to get pillows that you like without having to pay full price for them.  Pack them away in the linen closet until next spring.  Try to do this at the end of summer sales and after Christmas sales so you’ve got the rest of the seasons taken care of too.  Since they are only out for a few months, I don’t get tired of them and then I change them again with the next season.  The whole room looks new and different!!!

3. Pick up or change throw carpets or area rugs!  I have hardwood floors so I change up the look of my rooms by changing out small carpets … welcome mats, kitchen mats, etc.  In fact, I have room sized carpets that I put down in the fall and winter (to make it feel cozier) so I lift them and put them away for spring and summer.

4. Table clothes, place mats and napkins!  This is the same idea as with throw pillows.  Have spring themed (or whatever colors that you like for spring) coverings for your table — whether that be table clothes or place mats.  My family likes cloth napkins so I have several sets that I just rotate through the year.  Again, since you’re only using them a couple months out of the year, they don’t ware out and you don’t tire of them.

5. Wash your windows! OK I can hear your moans from here!!!  What does washing your windows have to do with spring decorating?  Well, all winter, the sun has been sitting lower in the sky so it hasn’t come through the windows the same.  As the sun begins to be high in the sky, you can see how dirty your windows are (or at least I can).  I begin to open my shades and windows this time of year, and having clean windows makes that so much more enjoyable.

So there are my 5 easy ways to freshen up your home decorating for spring!  I would love to hear from you if you have any others!

Enjoy Spring!!!